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Начало ---Количка--- Вериги Вериги CZ Верига CZ 530 "SDZ" 118 links
Жигльори к-т Симсон S51CDI GY6 4T DC 125-150cc

Верига CZ 530 "SDZ" 118 links
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Верига CZ 530 "SDZ" 118 links

( CZ Chain )
Цена: 185.00 лв

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  • Our 530 150 Link SDZ chain is of the finest quality! New X-Ring technology is the only chain for your street or race bike! Strength tested to be as good, if not better than the rest of the competition. The quality of our products is what sets NYCParts, Inc. apart from the rest. This chain is long enough to fit even our 9 inch extensions. We've had them specially engineered to this length to make it the perfect fit to your bike from stock sizes to our 9" Swingarm Extension applications.
  • TOURING 650-1200 CCM / ENDURO 750-1000 CCM / SPORT 750-1000 CCM / 43,800 N