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Ангренажна верига Honda/Kymco 125-150ccJTF402

Вариатор Naraku Maxi Speed GY6 125-180cc
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Вариатор Naraku Maxi Speed GY6 125-180cc

( Naraku )
Цена: 129.00 лв

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  • Racing Variator for GY6 NARAKU engines with 125cc or more displacement. The set consisting of matched Variator, Variomatikteller (pressure plate), 10.3 g of sliders, CNC machined outer pulley and a set of pulleys 18x14mm Vario Mati with 10.3 g. The processing of the set is consistently excellent. Suitable for all 125/150/170/180 scooters and ATV / Quads from Chinese production with the very popular GY6 engine.