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Биела Honda CR250 W/WМанивела GY6 4T 125-150cc

Fork Cartridges K-tech DDS Yamaha YZF R6 08-15
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Fork Cartridges K-tech DDS Yamaha YZF R6 08-15

( K-tech )
Цена: 2 999.00 лв

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  • K-Tech DDS (Direct Damping System) front fork cartridges are a complete replacement damping system designed and manufactured in the UK for high end racing applications.  The DDS cartridge is a pressurised damping system using 20mm displacing pistons to create a high flow of oil through the 31mm control valves to give precise damping control.  The patent design eliminates cavitation making the system very stable under extreme conditions, the damping circuits are designed to work independently to improve the dynamics and response time.  The system is pressurised by a spring force keeping it stable under all working temperatures.


  • 30 clicks compression
  • 30 clicks rebound
  • 18mm spring preload
  • DDS technology
  • 8mm piston rod
  • 20mm displacing piston
  • 31mm control piston
  • Design to eliminate cavitation
  • Supplied with springs
  • Wide range of spring rates
  • Used at highest levels of racing including British Superbike and Isle of Man TT


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