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Кит предница K-tech SSRK Piston Race
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Кит предница K-tech SSRK Piston Race

( K-tech )
Цена: 649.00 лв

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  • K-Tech SSRK piston kits are available to fit most front fork cartridge damping systems and have been designed for track use to give enhanced damping control for race level performance.  All piston kits are supplied as a complete assembly for ease of fitment with new control valves and needles to give a more precise range of adjustment.  It is advised that these piston kits should not be used for normal road riding conditions.

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by race department
  • Tighter tolerance for improved performance over original equipment parts
  • Improved adjustment range
  • Complete assemblies for ease of fitment
  • Increase performance and confidence
  • Proven track performance


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